Sunday, November 22, 2009

Home Sweet Home....

This is Spike's sister, Mikin, and I am just putting the information of Elder Spike Gatten's return from his 2 year mission in Manaus, Brazil. He will be arriving around 12:15 PM on Wednesday, November 25th, at the Spokane, Washington Airport. All those who would like to be there to greet him are welcome to join the rest of us there!

On Sunday, November 29th, at 10:30 Am at the Hayden Stake Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Spike will be giving a talk for his homecoming to all those who would like to be there. I am sure he would love to see any and all of you!

We are all so proud of Spike and his service in the Lord's work in Brazil. He has learned the language of Portuguese, has touched the lives of many, and has grown as a person. We are grateful to welcome him home, and excited to give him our love and hugs!!



  1. É bem vindo à sua casa novamente...
    Seja Feliz... de Verdade, que você tenha sucesso,e muitas alegrias.. espero vê-lo em breve ok...
    PS: Vanessa... Brazil/Manaus

  2. Acessa meu blog...

  3. Hi baby hand ..
    You will care about me or I'm going to have to care.
    We would like to know how was your trip, and their openness in the church and the Family.
    Gatten you have already adapted to cold and the food, the climate here remains the same VERY HOT as you already know.
    A big hug for the general and mother.
    Saudades ......
    by: Douglas and Family.

  4. Hi Elder Gatten ..
    Are you all right?
    Iaii you learn underwater naturalist dive to enter the messenger was?!
    I saw you online more tava status as missing .. left message.
    You see?
    How was your trip?
    I saw on your blog that you was full of compromises when it comes to ai!
    How was your lecture?
    Here we all miss you!
    Speak to your mother that I loved her, I sent a hug!
    kisses, *
    by: Rebecajayna